Leggings Quality

KDESIGN FITNESS leggings are different.
No Elastic Waistband = No Muffin
KDESIGN FITNESS leggings do not use elastic waistbands that cut your body in half.  All of our leggings have been tested by top professional dancers and fitness instructors to achieve the ultimate comfort fit.


Seamless Fronts = No Camel Toe
KDESIGN FITNESS leggings have flat fronts that provide a smooth and comfortable fit. 


No Diamond Crotch Pad = Worry-Free Stretches

KDESIGN FITNESS leggings invented a seamless and comfortable crotch design that allows you to stretch worry-free.


Sweat-Wicking Fabric & Spandex Design

KDESIGN FITNESS leggings are made of spandex, a lightweight synthetic fiber that is used to make stretchable clothing such as leotards, swimwear and sportswear.  This means that the fabric can be stretched repeatedly and will return back to its original size and shape. This special sweat-wicking feature means that it draws moisture away from the body, helping to prevent injuries caused by cooled muscles.


You Will Always Find Your Perfect Size

KDESIGN FITNESS has REGULAR and LONG options for every size. For example, Girl A and Girl B both wear size Medium, but Girl A is 5'2" and Girl B is 5'8". Girl A selects "Size M: Regular" and Girl B selects "Size M: Long".